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Check out my line dance: Funk It Up

This dance is a pretty easy, intermediate dance. I worked with Jordan Frisbee (of West Coast Swing dance fame). I wanted to come up with an easy, kind of "funky" line dance. We basically did the whole dance at about 3am on Monday morning, at Boogie By The Bay (2002). I think it turned out nicely. I made Jordan do most of the choreography of patterns to the music, and then I put the moves we liked best into an order until we had a nice 32-count dance. It's got no tags, though the music does change - the dance gets back on phrase with the song.

Check out my line dance: La Mamba

This dance was inspired to me when I heard this song, which was a remixed remake of "I Wanne Be Like You" from the movie "The Jungle Book". This particular song version is by Big Bad Voodoo Daddies, and is even different from the more downbeat version from the Swingers soundtrack, which is quite different. What inspired me in this "radio edit" version was the sounds of Samba and Mambo it has. I choreographed a lot of it in one very early morning, from midnight until about 7am, and then finished it over the next four days. I really didn't like three parts of my choreography but I was stuck, so while doing some other work with Toby Munroe, he helped me by "fixing" the parts I didn't like. We went through it all, made a couple of tuning changes and it was done!! We really liked doing it, so we taught it to a few people at the next event we were at and did a demo in the dinner show and it went really well and it looked cool on video!! I entered the dance at some events to qualify for 2002 Worlds X, where "La Mamba" took 1st place in A-B-C Line Dance Choreography!!! It was definitely a pleasant and unexpected surprise to win! (All credit for this win has to go to the guys who helped to demo it and did a better job than me: Roy Hadisubroto and... I need Roy's help here!) Many thanks to Toby for his great help!!!

Check out my line dance: Trilogy

I started doing this choreography earlier in the year with Ginger Pickerel to get a section with a lot of shag-like footwork with her styling. Then, while travelling on a Superstars tour in England in September, I worked on finishing up the dance, though I was stuck on several parts where I didn't like what I came up with. Tom Mickers was walking by and started making up some cool stuff, and maybe an hour later he had most of the last 32-counts done!! I added some things in the middle section, and cleaned up and changed some things with Tom's help. It took forever to write this thing up - it's hard to describe some of these moves!! The dance is not as hard as the step sheet would imply, and it's fun to do with a group of people. It's a cool demo dance. I will be teaching it at Worlds and I may enter it in the choreography comp just for fun!! The dance is also on video available from Paradigm Digital. The dance is called Trilogy because it combines shag-like footwork, hip-hop-style moves, mixed with some funky stuff.

Check out my line dance: Swingin' R's

This is a dance choreographed by me and Robert Roysten while I visited him in New York at the start of the new Broadway show "Swing!" in which he and Laureen are starring. This is a more advanced dance, though it is not really hard. The signature music is fast, but it's fun to any good swing music. This dance won 3rd place with a country song at the UCWDC Big Apple dance festival in March 2000. I've seen some videos posted on YouTube of some groups doing this dance and it looks great!

Check out my line dance: Conrado Cha Cha

This was my first attempt at line dance choreography. This dance won 1st place at both the Portland Dance Festival and the New Orleans Country Mardi Gras!!! Conrado Cha Cha took 2nd place at the 1998 UCWDC Worlds VII Championships out of over 30 entries!!! This dance was later selected as one of the UCWDC competition line dances for the 1999-2000 dance season and was also used in Europe. This dance got me excited to try more choreography!

Other sites with step descriptions:

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Step Description


File Size

Alligator Shoes

Terry Hogan


Cannibal Stomp

Lisa Firth


Cha Cha Lengua

Neil Hale


Conrado Cha Cha

Rob "I"


Cow Girls Twist

Bill Bader


Crazy Legs

Greg Underwood


Electric Reel

Robert & Regina Padden


Fat Sally Lee

Arthur Smith



George Davis


Hot Tamales

Neil Hale



Ian St.Leon


Linda Lu

Neil Hale


Lonesome Blues

Michael Barr


Louisiana Hot Sauce



M.I.B. (Men In Black)

James O. Kellerman


Midnight Waltz

Jo Thompson


Mmm Bop

Kelly Kaylin


Mustang Sally (Cajun Style)

Damon D'Amico


My My My My My Boogie Shoes

Ron Kline


No Vine Express

Lainey Leatherman


One Foot

Buffalo Girls


Ooo!! Ahh!!

Sal Gonzales


Pencil Thin Mustache

Charlotte Skeeters


Pony Shuffle

Ernie & Carmel Hutchinson


Rednex Stomp

Chris Kumre & Knox Rhine


Sham Rock Shake

Robert & Regina Padden



Hedy McAdams


Swing Time Boogie

Scott Blevins


Triple Threat

Michael Barr


TTS Boogie

Michael Barr


Two Cool

Sal Gonzales and Donna Wasnick


Uno Dos Tres

Sherry McClure


Waltz In Time

Michael Barr



Knox Rhine


Wild Wild West Boogie

Chris Hookie


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