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My videos include a tape on body waves and ripples for styling in couples and line dancing and several line dance videos listed below.

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I have two new line dance videos from Paradigm Digital in Colorado. One includes "Mambo #5", Tony Lee's new advanced Cha Cha line "So Smooth", and my and Robert Roysten's new line dance "Swingin' R's". The other tape includes several line dances, both new and old. Both are under 90 minutes long.  You can also order from Paradigm Digital directly. These tapes are available in US and European (PAL) formats.  (Note: These prices do not include shipping, which is currently $5 within the US, and PAL format is currently $15.00 extra.)

Videos produced by Paradigm Digital:

Body Waves and Ripples for Styling     $32.95

Tape includes descriptions and various excercises to learn how to do arm and body waves and ripples to enhance your line and couples dancing.(This is a 60 minute tape.)

Vol 1 - Advanced Line Dances     $19.95

Dances on tape: "So Smooth", "Mambo #5" and "Swingin' R's". (Note: this is a 90 minute tape and there is extensive instruction for these dances, especially "So Smooth", and I repeat sections frequently so you don't have to keep rewinding!!)

Vol 2 - Intermediate/Advanced Line Dances     $19.95

Dances on tape: "Mustang Sally", "Jitterbug Stroll", "Power Surge", and "Larger Than Life". (Note: this is a 60 minute tape - the first two dances are advanced, while the other two are considered intermediate/advanced.)

Vol 3 - Intermediate/Advanced Line Dances     $19.95

Dances on tape: "Satisfaction", "Scooby Snax" (beg/int dance), "Trilogy", "Black Ice", and "I'll Tell You What". (This is a 60 minute tape.)

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