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I started line dancing sometime in 1990 or 1991, I can't recall for sure. After a few months, I started entering the little bar competitions when I got more comfortable with my dancing. I entered one of my first organized competitions in 1992 and was pretty much hooked on competing. Then, sometime around 1992, Robert Roysten and Laureen Baldovi, still in Division I in UCWDC couples competition, came by the bar where I learned and practiced most of my line dancing. They did a demo of West Coast Swing, which looked like line dancing with a partner. I soon started taking West Coast Swing lessons and later got into other couples dancing and competition.

I started teaching line dances in 1993, and started at Cheers Bar & Grill in Sunnyvale, CA back in March of 1994, shortly after Cheers started doing Country/Western music nights.

I've choreographed some line dances, including "Conrado Cha Cha", "Trilogy", "Swinigin' R's" and "La Mamba" - "La Mamba" took 1st place at the 2001 UCWDC Worlds X Championships for "A B C Line Dance Choreography". Most recently, Jordan Frisbee and I did a line dance called "Funk It Up".

I have been competing almost as long as I've been dancing. Thanks to the dance team Fire & Ice, I have now competed in every available major UCWDC category at Worlds!!  I love Jack & Jills and I've won several Advanced Jack & Jill West Coast Swing and 2-Step competitions, including Worlds VI (with Jo Thompson) and Worlds VIII (with Sarah Van Drake and Antoinette Brooks).

In 1999, at Worlds VII, Sarah Rodger, my showcase partner at the time, added a write-in nomination for a special Star Award. I had no idea until I recieved the award, but they had the "Iron Man" award - she did that because for years I was entering every category I could get into at every competition. That was a really nice surprise.

In 2000 at Worlds IX, I had the honor of being nominated for four (!!!) Star Awards and received two: "Favorite Male Line Dancer" and "Entertainer of the Year". That was really cool.

I've had a lot of fun and done quite well over the years. I have competed at many UCWDC, CWDI and independant events. Currently, I am competing in line dance (Superstars division) and some couples, as well as doing performances and some MC work.

Hopefully, I have a few more dancing years left in me!!

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